Thursday, March 10, 2011

GU Chomps and Giveaway Winner!!!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!!!  I am ready for the weekend!  A few weeks ago, my friend Diana wrote about “waiting for Friday.”  I try not to do this, because I hate to wish away time.  But sometimes I catch myself waiting for Friday.  It’s always nice to have time to refresh and recharge.  We have a very busy weekend coming up with lots of fun activities, but I am looking forward to it!  You’ll have to check back and see what I am up to!

After work today, I came home, “suited up” for Zumba.  


I forgot to mention my super-cute new Zumba pants!  I am loving them!

While I was making my playlist, hubby and Sadie snuggled up watching cartoons.  He’s teaching her about all the Marvel Comics superheroes.  A few times, she would call out, “Look!  There’s the Green Lantern!”  I thought Hubby was going to tear up, he was so proud.  He’s a huge comics fan.



Then it was time to make my Zumba playlist.



I want to tell you about a product I have tried the past 2 days.  Sometimes I need something to give me a boost just before I go teach Zumba.  When I have run 5K races in the past, I have used GU Energy gels, which sort of “fuel you up” before you get into the race.  I really like the GU brand, and I have been wondering if these would work well for Zumba, too.  Well, the hubs and I were in a sporting goods store the other day, and they had the gels!  I was about to pick out a few flavors, but then I saw these “Energy Chomps” made by the same brand.  I decided to try them.  Each pack has 2 servings or 4 chomps, which are really like a gummy candy. 

I really think these are helpful!  I used them two nights in a row and I didn’t hit a “wall” either night.  You can get them with or without caffeine.  Mine had caffeine, but I bought another pack without the caffeine.  I’ll try them out on Saturday and see how I like them!

After Zumba, as usual, I was starving, and on the way home, I remembered that I had a $5 gift card to Subway!  YESSSSSSS!


The perfect amount to get a $5 Footlong… I went with Black Forest Ham on wheat with lettuce, tomato, black olives, pickles, and banana peppers.  It ended up costing me only $0.45!  Yay for free Subway!

So now… it’s time to announce the winner of the big giveaway!   Thanks to all of you who entered!!!  I am so excited to announce that the winner is…


…pause for dramatic effect…



… Mandy Harmon!!!  You have won a $25 gift certificate to CSN!  I will email you directions so you can go shopping!  :)  Thanks again to all who entered and thanks to CSN for the giveaway opportunity!!!  Be sure to check them out! 


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