Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Convenience Food Success and a Great Dance Movie Scene

Today was the first day of testing for students at my school.  Yuck.  I always dread the testing days.  It always throws everyone’s schedule off, too. 

But you know the perfect way to get rid of testing blahs?



I headed to Charlotte to help teach a private class.  It was a fun class, AND I was home before dark!  Bonus!

I wanted to make something quick tonight, so I made these potatoes I bought at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. 


They were handing out samples and they were really tasty!  I really liked them and would buy these again!  All you do is cook them in a skillet until they are heated through.  They have green beans, 2-3 different kinds of mushrooms, garlic, and herbs, and they are really tasty! Great with turkey burgers!  (Premade… on sale this weekend.)





Now, I’m settled in and watching a favorite movie… Center Stage.   Have you ever seen it?  Of course, I love dance movies, but even if you’re not a dancer, this movie has one of the best dance scenes ever.

This is a 10-minute scene, but… sigh… it is so worth watching.  It will make your heart happy.


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