Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl, Dancing, and Chocolate!

Hello, friends!  Did you watch the super bowl?  Me?  Well, I did not.  I took advantage of the occasion to hang out with friends… but I really did not watch more than 1 minute of the game. 

Remember my fancy dinner at Bonterra?  Well, I decided to try and recreate the “S’more Bark” on my truffle platter.


They actually turned out really good!



This is the easiest recipe ever.  Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler or in the microwave.  Then, when everything is melted and smooth, dump in crumbled graham crackers and mini marshmallows.  Stir everything together, and then pour onto waxed paper.  I like to smooth it out with a spatula.  Then I place it in the fridge and wait for it to cool.  Break into pieces and voila!  Instant chocolate candy!

I took my “S’more Bark” to two different gatherings yesterday.


After Zumba, I had a chance to hang out with some new Zumba friends and enjoy some chili!  I never thought to put chili over noodles, but it was really good!  I LOVE pasta AND chili… so this was awesome! 



And what else would a bunch of Zumba lovers do at a party?  Dance!



Also, my friend Diana brought some Coconut Cream Pie that was so yummy.  I had to leave early, so she gave me a “to go” piece. 

(There would have been a picture here, but it got a little smushed.  Still tasted great, though!)

Then I headed to Kati and Lucas’s house where they were actually watching the Super Bowl.  It was fun seeing my friends.  I couldn’t believe how much my friend Laura’s baby has grown!  She’s not a baby any more!  Sadie had fun playing with her.





The sad news is… by the time I got home, I felt TERRIBLE.  I had a fever and was so weak and shaky.  I have felt yucky all day.  :(  I hate being sick.  I am really hoping to be better tomorrow because I have a FULL day planned.  There is no time for sickness!



Thanks to the husband for picking up dinner.  We have the BEST little Chinese Place near our house: Delicacy China Bistro.  Their food is awesome!  The wonton soup was exactly what I wanted tonight!


  1. Your S'mores look delicious and SO easy! I will have to try those...and I'm hoping that you're feeling better! (Side note, Sadie is reminding me of when I was a child and the silly behavior - or antics - I used to try and do for the camera...still shots or rolling video, it didn't matter!)

  2. After reading your blog and seeing your pictures of the chocolate and chili, I thought of a chili recipe that has chocolate in it. A lot of good chili recipes have chocolate in them. We'll be there when it's ready.


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