Monday, January 24, 2011

Use Your Leftovers!

So this morning, I started the day off with leftovers from last night’s dinner!  (You don’t hear that very often, right?)


I took another cue from Diana and had quinoa for breakfast!  I made a quick fried egg and steamed some chopped spinach.  I know you are thinking… what a weird combination!  But it was really good!  Something about the texture of the quinoa goes so well with eggs! 



Today’s lunch was some chicken salad that I made last night with the leftover chicken.  I added some chopped onion, celery, egg whites, pecans, and apples for a sweet and tangy chicken salad.  I used Duke’s light mayo to bind it all together.  I also finished up the rest of the spinach.  More leftovers!





Don’t you love how last night’s dinner helped me put together breakfast AND lunch?  I need to cook this way more often.  It certainly does make life easier!  I even had enough chicken salad left for dinner and MAYBE lunch tomorrow!  Yay!

It was hard to make myself go work out today.  You know how sometimes you really don’t want to get off the couch???  Well, that was me.  But I felt so much better after Zumba with Katie!  It gave me just enough motivation to come home and make my playlist for Zumba tomorrow!

Now… I know many of you are wondering what I did yesterday.  But I still have no news… so I am going to have to make you wait another day.  I will give you a hint… it is Zumba-related…

I hope to have news to share with you soon!


  1. Leftovers always bring such delicious surprise. Your quinoa looks so delicious :)

  2. Oh your breakfast looks so gooood! I now want some quinoa for breakfast tomorrow... it sounds so good with that yummy egg on top.


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