Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed In... and Lovin' It!

Well, if there were no consequences (like make-up days) then I could get used to this. 

The day started with Sadie coming into our room around 7:15, saying, "Mommy!  Daddy!  It snowed!  It snowed!"  So cute.  I still feel that way when I wake up and look out the window to see the blanket of white.  It was Ryan's morning to get up early, so I went back to sleep for a little bit.  Then, around 8:30, I started smelling something wonderful.  Was that bacon???  And then... the door opened... and Ryan and Sadie brought me breakfast in bed!

And look... he made it into a smiley face.  Cute.

We were lazy for a bit, just enjoying the morning, but soon we had to go check out the winter wonderland.  It took is about 15-20 minutes to get everyone dressed, bundled, and ready.  After 5 minutes, Sadie wanted to come back in.  :)  We had to warm up and then do a round 2.

At lunchtime, I heated up some of that Veggie Soup I made Saturday.  Don't you love soup on a cold, snowy day?

Soon it was naptime for Sadie and Ryan, so I used that time to play Wii Fit games and bake a loaf of Whole Wheat Mollases Bread.  Mandi from Itzy's Kitchen posted this bread a couple of days ago.  It looked so delicious.  The recipe was originally posted by Joy the BakerHere's the recipe.  It came from the New York Times.

I had never used molasses in anything before.  But bread with only 6 ingredients?  No messing with yeast packets?  No waiting on it to rise?  No need for dough hooks?  Yes... this is my kind of bread recipe!

I used the yogurt instead of the buttermilk this time, but next time I would try the buttermilk.  The batter was extremely thick.  More like dough, really.  Maybe it would be a little different with buttermilk. 

This bread is so good, though!  A little crunchy from the corn meal, and slightly sweet, but not dessert sweet.  I tried it with a little light cream cheese on it.  Oh yumminess.  If you divide it into 8ths, it is 6 Points a slice.  Higher on the Points, but very filling.

So, we've just enjoyed some sliders, spicy fries, and spinach casserole. 

I am so full!  This spinach casserole is another really simple but delicious recipe.  I'll post about it tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is another snow day!  I can hear it sleeting right now... EEK!  Hope we don't lose power!

Tonight's agenda: watching an old favorite...

Oh... Ron Burgundy... how I love thee...


  1. Oh how I wish we could all be together on a snow day, what fun that would be! And what a wonderful morning you had! Sounds so nice! We enjoyed our day off as well and Zoe loved the snow, too. I love the picture of your house, it looks so good...and I think way in the distance I can see a wee little person dressed in reds. :) Cute. Sleep well tonight dreaming of snowmen! Love to you all!

  2. I am snowed in and LOVING it too!! I have to tell you that I am being a skeptic about the "eat in" challenge!! Matt and I honestly LOVE to eat out!! I knew there would be NO way that we could do it!! Well, as you know...these past two days- with a few more ahead of us- has forced us to cook and eat in. I am LOVING this too!!! Now, it hasn't always been exactly homemade...I quote Sandra Lee and call it "semi-homemade"!! And, it probably always will be for me as I am not a great cook, nor do I enjoy it. But, it has been such a fun couple of days doing all of our meals here. Definitely cheaper and better for us! Maybe I'll give the challenge a try after all :)


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