Sunday, January 23, 2011

Out of My Hands…

Hi all!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Remember last Sunday… I wrote about the “Sunday Blues.”  I’m kind of having those today.  I love my job, but I wish the weekends were one day longer.  Don’t you?

This morning was an early morning.  We got our rears in gear to make it to early church today.  It’s hard to get up and moving that early… but it’s nice to be home at 11:00 from church and have the whole day!  I did have ONE thing to do today, though… more on that in a minute.

This morning, I had 2 fried eggs and wheat toast with  jelly. 


I forgot to take pictures of lunch.  But it was a soup/sandwich combo. 

For dinner tonight… I made a new food: Quinoa!  Lately, everyone seems to be writing about quinoa!  I might have had it once… but I don’t remember it.  So I made some of my own. 




LOVE it!  I cooked mine in chicken stock and served it with pan-seared chicken breasts.  Here is a helpful guide if you are wondering how to cook Quinoa.  Delish!  Very filling!  If you have not tried Quinoa, I recommend you try it!  I bought mine in the bulk bins at Earth Fare, so it was not expensive at all.  If you have never used the bulk bins before, my friend Diana wrote a post about how to do this.  Click here to read it

We had some steamed green beans with almonds, too.





Tomorrow I think I am going to try making a quinoa breakfast bowl.

So… what did I have to do today?


Well, I am not ready to say yet… but I am waiting on some news.  Tomorrow I should be able to share with you.  It’s not the obvious thing many of you are thinking right now.  I promise.  BUT… it’s something that is out of my hands at this point.  And I promise to share news soon. 

I have been learning over the past year that there are a lot of things that I can’t control.  Sometimes, you just have to wait for a sign from above as to what’s the right thing to do.  Have you ever heard that phrase “Let go and let God?”  I am trying to learn to do that.  It’s hard!


  1. I hope the news that comes tomorrow will be what is best for you... I'll be thinking about you!

  2. I think I know what you're waiting on! ;) Good luck!

    Thanks for the shout-out on the bulk bins. :)

  3. Hi Liz! It was so nice meeting you at the seminar last week. I had to stop over and check out your blog and I love it! Your header is so incredibly cute!! :) I love quinoa and yours looks delicious. I'm going to have to head over to Diana's blog and read about the bulk bins because I wasn't even aware of them. Thanks for the tip and hope to see you around again soon!


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