Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Official... Snow Day Tomorrow!

Well, this is a first... I have no school tomorrow due to inclement weather... but we have not had any inclement weather yet!  Only in the south, right?  They are saying we'll be getting a good amount of snow and maybe ice!  Eek!  I do not mind the snow, but hate the ice!  It will be nice to have an extra day at home... but hopefully it will not hang around too long.

I am thinking about making this bread tomorrow.  Looks so delicious and perfect for a winter day!  I'll have to burn some extra calories so I can enjoy some extra points tomorrow.

Today we celebrated Ryan and his sister's birthdays. 

Take a look at those kids.  Can you tell they are anxious for some of the cake???

I never used to be a huge birthday cake fan, but now I love it. 

Then I made it to yoga.  That is the best class to take on a Sunday.  Our YMCA has a Yoga class from 4-5:15 on Sundays and when I can make it, I am always so glad!  LOVED the instructor tonight.  She has recently started teaching yoga and I have had her for other classes, but not yoga.  I thought she was great!  I think sometimes yoga can be intimidating.  Even when a class says "mixed levels," sometimes the instructors cater more to the advanced crowd.  Not the case today!  Plus, she had awesome music!

Then I came home and made some whole wheat spaghetti. 

Now, it's time to settle in and wait for the snow!

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  1. Hope y'all have a fun day off tomorrow! Happy Birthday (again) to Ryan & Melanie! Cute birthday celebration photos, and stay warm!


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