Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choosing the Outfit…

Do you have trouble picking out what you are going to wear?  Ugh.  I TOTALLY do.  Ask my family.  I am notorious for changing clothes 3-4 times before leaving the house. 

So… tomorrow night is the big audition.  And I am trying to decide what to wear.  I HAVE chosen my pants… thanks to my wonderful friend, Katie.  She loaned me some fabulous Zumba pants.  I’ve been holding off on buying a pair because they’re so expensive, but I think I am going to cave.  But anyway… the pants are selected.


I can’t decide on the shirt choice! 


Here are my 4 favorite Zumba tops.  Which one looks “Candyman” to you?  If you have an opinion, leave me a comment by clicking below. 

OK… now I have to enjoy “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.”  LOVE those shows! 

Wish me luck for tomorrow!  I’ll definitely give a FULL recap!  Mwah!



  1. How exciting! Glad the pants worked. :) I like either the heart one or the pink one. But you'll be fab in whatever you wear! I'll be thinking of you on the drive to Charleston. GOOD LUCK!

  2. the PINK one! :) Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Purple, all the way...I like the heart...GOOD LUCK!!! (See you tonight!)


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