Friday, January 28, 2011

Audition Night

So today was the big day… my audition for a position as a Zumba instructor with a Charlotte dance fitness company!  I decided that the pink shirt would be the best!


Before I left, I took a few minutes to just think about this whole experience and how great it has been.  Yes, I have been stressed at times (I just learned the song I was to perform on TUESDAY!) but all in all, it’s been a great experience.  I will be a better Zumba Instructor just from going through this process.  I decided that I was ready, so I wished myself good luck and hopped in the car!


Class was super-fun, with over 90 people!  WOW!  There were 8 auditionees (creating my own word).  I was pretty nervous just before I took the stage, but once I was on stage, it was just fun. 

Afterwards, all of us celebrated our success and posed for a few pictures. 




Then I headed home where Ryan, Sadie, Meredith, and David were waiting for me—and we ordered in Chinese food.  I think Eat In Month is finished here at the Bridges house.  Next year maybe I will make it all the way through the whole month!



And now it’s time to rest up for the Zumbathon tomorrow!  Meredith and I are looking forward to that!  After that, I will be ready for a day of rest on Sunday!!!


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