Monday, January 31, 2011

A Gourmet Meal for a Special Three-Year-Old

Today is the big day… our little girlie turned three today!  More on the birthday festivities in a minute.



I started the morning with some oatmeal topped with apples and bananas.  Why did it take me 33 years to start putting fresh fruit on top of oatmeal???  So good!




Lunch was another cold veggie pizza.  Last night, I chopped extra veggies and bagged them up.  Then at lunch today I just spread the cream cheese over the pita and sprinkled the veggies on top.  Voila!  Super-easy, veggie-packed lunch!  And it was so filling!

Then I came home and got dinner started.  I had a very special meal planned for the birthday girl!  While dinner was cooking, we gave Sadie her presents.  She got a new night light for her room, some new pots and pans to cook with in her little kitchen, a pizza party kit, and a cool cushy arm chair with a sleeping bag stuffed inside!  She loved being the center of attention!



Then…. the special gourmet dinner…


Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni and Cheese, Tater Tots, and Edamame: all of Sadie’s favorites! Oh yeah… don’t be jealous of that skillful cooking!




And finally… more cake!


Any guesses whose finger that is trying to grab some icing?





Can you tell that Sadie was enjoying our lovely rendition of “Happy Birthday”?


And finally… another look-back…

Three years ago, we met Sadie for the first time…

Awwwwwwww… so sweet.

Happy birthday to my girlie!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Early Birthday Brunch and a Veggie Pizza!

So yesterday, we celebrated Sadie’s birthday (2 days early).  Today we celebrated mine (5 days early).  Maybe we should just call this “Birthday Week!”  Sadie’s actual birthday is tomorrow and mine is Friday.  But you have to celebrate when all the family can be together. 

We decided to go to brunch for my birthday meal.  I decided to take everyone to The Terrace Cafe, one of the best breakfast spots in the Charlotte area.  I had a nice surprise as we walked out of the house to get in the car… Meredith and David were back!  They came back to go to brunch with us!  So sweet!

We had a little bit of a wait because this place is SUPER popular, especially for weekend breakfasts, but we just used that time to pose for a few pictures. 





Sadie liked sitting right here under the sign.  Goofy girl.



It was hard to pick from the menu!  But in the end, I decided on the Quiche of the Day. 






It was so delicious!  Everyone loved their meals and agreed that it was worth the wait!


Thank goodness for modern technology. 

It was sad to see everyone go!

Tonight, I was in the mood for something light, so I made a little veggie pizza.  It was so delicious! 






This is not really a recipe.  I just mixed a little of a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing packet with light cream cheese until I liked the flavor.  Then I spread that over a whole-wheat pita, and loaded it up with veggies: tomato slices, carrot shavings, cucumber, bell pepper, and olives.  So good!  Usually I add broccoli, but tonight I skipped it. 

So… here’s a a little “look-back”, just for fun:

January 30, 2008

Three years ago, Ryan and I had just checked into the hospital.  I was going to be induced early the next morning.  We were nervous and giddy at the same time!  We had no idea what was in store for us.  We knew our lives were about to change, but we never could have known how much!  Can’t believe my little baby will be THREE tomorrow!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Partying With the Chick-fil-a Cow

It’s Saturday, friends!  Hope all of you are having a great weekend!

This morning, Meredith and I got up and headed to a Zumbathon at the Carolina Crossing YMCA.  Sadie was not really wanting to go to the Y this morning, so we bribed her with the promise of a donut with sprinkles.  (Note the irony… grabbing a donut on the way to the Y…)


Meredith and I opted for the egg-white and veggie flatbread sandwiches. 


We had a great crowd with over 70 people, 5 instructors (including me) and lots of good music! 






We had lots of fun!  What a great way to start a Saturday! 

Then it was time to say goodbye to Meredith and David—they had a wedding to attend.  Before they left, they gave Sadie a couple early birthday presents.  Sadie will be three on Monday! 




Then the next round of company arrived!  Leenie, Poppy, and Adrienne arrived just in time! 

“Just in time for what?” you ask.



A birthday party for a certain (almost) three year old little girl!

This year was Sadie’s first real party where we invited some of her friends.  She had four friends join her (along with their parents) at Chick-fil-a for some play time, cake, ice cream, and a chance to meet the famous COW!  This little birthday girl had a fabulous time. 








Then we all headed back to the house and ordered pizza from a local pizza joint near our house that makes really good NY-Style pizza.  We added antipasti salads, too, which were delish!




Sadie had fun opening more birthday presents… including a scooter from Leenie and Poppy and a grill from Aunt Adrienne!



Hope you’re having as great a weekend as we are.  Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow!