Friday, December 10, 2010

Want Some Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Anyone hungry for Thanksgiving leftovers???

I have something very cool to share with all of you!  Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Tiffany and Paul from The Guerrilla Gourmet.  They explained this very cool project they were working on called The Cornucopia Project.  They wanted to showcase Thanksgiving traditions from all around the country.  I was asked to represent South Carolina.   Of course, I said YES! 

If you click the Cornucopia Project badge above, it will take you to the awesome interactive map that Tiffany and Paul created.  Almost every state has a featured blogger!  I had so much fun reading the posts from all the different states and seeing what people from all around the U.S. did for Thanksgiving.  And…if you click on South Carolina… you will find… ME!!!

Please check out this amazing map!

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  1. Very cool that you were chosen (once again) to post on a food project/blog! Way to go!


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