Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Tower of Cookies—Thanks to Diana at The Chic Life!

Well, thanks to my friend Diana over at The Chic Life, I had a very cool tower of cookies to take to a holiday party tonight.  You may remember back to around Thanksgiving when I was making Cookie Dough Balls.  That was Diana’s recipe and they are such a fun dessert treat.  I have made them… hmmmm… I’d say probably 5 times just since the week before Thanksgiving.  Well, this morning, I was catching up on some of my blog-reading and discovered a new twist that Diana had put on her Cookie Dough Balls.  I HAD to try it.  Here’s a link to her post, so you can get the directions and the recipe for the cookie dough balls

Take a look at my tower.  How cool is this? 




So, how is everyone doing on the Christmas shopping/wrapping?  I am JUST about finished with the shopping.  Now I have got to start WRAPPING.  Usually, I begin this process around 3:00 on Christmas Eve afternoon and it feels like such a chore.  This year, I am determined to start early.  AND… I think I am going to have a fun gift-wrapping trick to share with you.  You won’t believe my source!  It’s Ryan.  He may be on to an interesting idea.  So be sure to check back and see the gift wrapping trick!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing evening!  I think I am going to change into my PJs and see what we’ve got stored in the DVR.



  1. So glad you liked the dough ball tower. You did a great job with yours...it looks perfect! :) I did pretty much all my Christmas shopping today. I spent way too long at the mall. lol. I haven't even started thinking about wrapping, but you're right...best to start early. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow night? :)

  2. Wow these cookies doughballs look so amazing. I wish I had some of those for my party :)
    Thanks for sharing :)


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