Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Park, Comfort Food, and "Black Swan"

Today was our first official day of the vacation where we were home with no plans whatsoever.  It was so nice to be able to plan out the day as we went!  We started with a little trip to the park, so Sadie could practice riding her bike.  As it turns out, she was more interested in the slides and playground equipment!  LOL!  Next time we'll have to take her somewhere to JUST ride.

I was able to go to Zumba with Katie, which I have been missing basically the entire month of December!  She was actually subbing for another teacher tonight.  Before I left, I halfway prepared "Old Fashioned Beef Pot Pie."  While I was at Zumba, Ryan finished it up for me and had it ready when I got home. 

This recipe is from my favorite cookbook, The One Dish Bible.  If you are into casseroles and one-pot dishes, then you would love this book.  Usually I have cookbooks that I have made 3-4 things out of, and then I set it aside.  This is the cookbook I come back to over and over again for simple weeknight (and sometimes weekend) dinners.  There are a TON of slow-cooker meals in this book!

The Pot Pie turned out great!  Perfect for a winter day!

Here's the recipe if you are interested (Sorry... was too lazy to type it up tonight!)

Then, I headed to the movie theater to meet my friend Kati.  We saw Black Swan.  Have you seen it?  The trailers really intrigued me.  Here's a peek at the trailer:

It was pretty intense and twisted, but very cool.  It reminded me SO much of The Flowers in the Attic series.  Did you read those books when you were in junior high?  I was so into anything V.C. Andrews wrote back then.  Everything was always really twisted and dark, sort of like this movie.

Have you seen any good movies lately?  What should I see next?


  1. So jealous! I can't wait to see Black Swan...and so many others before the Golden Globes. And your meal looked delicious! I'm sure David would go for that one...I'll try it next week since you said it was good for a cold night. Yum! A few other movie suggestions might be "The Fighter" with Mark Wahlberg (my love) or "Little Fockers", "True Grit", and the new one with Gwyneth Paltrow...OK, we'll maybe these are movies I want to see...

  2. You always come across turkey or chicken pot pie but not beef. My foray into pot pies when I was little was the little individual ones from Banquet; my brother and I would pop them into the toaster oven when our parents weren't home to feed ourselves. Lol, sorry, your post makes me nostalgic about them.

    Back to reality: you and Ryan did a great job, Liz! It looks so tasty and must have been an awesome treat after Zumba. I've not tried that out yet. Glad you liked Black Swan. I thought it was INSANE! Natalie Portman did a FABULOUS job in her role. I had to cover my eyes in a few parts that were just too "scary" for me! Sad, I know, lol. I really want to see The King's Speech!


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