Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Bark

Hi, all!  My poor little blog has been neglected!  I just haven’t been able to “get it together” lately.  Is the holiday season making you crazy?  I have been working away on several Christmas projects that had to be completed asap, as well as keep up with my day-to-day routines!  It’s been so much fun getting all the Christmas cards in the mail and seeing all the pictures!  (Speaking of that… I need to get stamps on mine ASAP!)

The past few nights, I have been busy making holiday bark to give away as gifts to some friends.  I never knew this was such an easy process until last year!  All you do is melt the chocolate, add in your “toppings,” and let it cool. 

I have been making several varieties:

  • Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts
  • White Chocolate with Peppermint
  • White Chocolate with M&Ms and Walnuts

Here’s a peek:





Take a look at these nifty little boxes I found at Hobby Lobby!  Perfect for boxing up treats!



Have a sweet night!

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  1. OK, maybe I should've made this rather than the very long process cookies I made the other day for our neighbors. We're finally going to drop them off tomorrow night, but hope they'll enjoy them anyway! Your bark looks delicious! Good luck finishing all yoru Christmas projects!


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