Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well... guess who's home in the middle of the day?

This is a strange week.  It's so weird to have the day off for election day... you never get a day off right in the middle of the week!

Did you vote???  I hope so!

I am noticing a trend in my voting patterns... it seems that the majority of the people I vote for usually do not win.  It makes election night kinda depressing.  But I'm not going to dwell too much on that.  The people have spoken, right?

So, what did you do for Election Day?  I had high hopes.  A whole day off.  My to-do list read: "Clean house.  Cook creative dinner."  (I didn't have an ACTUAL to-do list.  But that was what was in my head.)  However, none of that happened... instead, we had... STOMACH VIRUS!  Ok, I didn't have it, but my poor little Sadie had it.  Not the throw-ups... the OTHER kind.  Poor thing.  She had a rough little day.

Today she seems to be feeling better and we have gone a whole hour without changing a diaper, so already that is a great improvement over yesterday.  I think that we went through 15 Pull-Ups yesterday.  Our usual number is somewhere around 2.  Sometimes 1.  And we've graduated to bananas and bread!  Mmmmmmm...

So, I realize that was a little TMI, but you know I am going to be real with you. 

In between all of that, I taught Zumba at Fascinating Rhythm.  It was a great, high-energy class.  I used one new song that I am loving: "Bimbola." 

I was considering going to a new yoga class at the Y last night, but skipped it because of the virus situation.  It was called "Candlelight Slow-Flow Yoga."  That sounds interesting!  Maybe I'll give it a try next week.  I googled it, just to see if I could find any info on it.  Take a look at this picture.  It looks so calming and relaxing. 

So that's why I am home in the middle of the day today...  I hate to miss work, but of course, my little munchkin is more important than work...

And on the positive side... I got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast (as opposed to eating in the car) with freshly-ground coffee... in my SANTA mug!  Now that it's November, it's getting really close to Holiday time.

Maybe I'll get some cleaning done today.  We'll see!


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