Monday, November 15, 2010

We Interrupt these Recaps for a Little Tutorial AND a Giveaway!

I've been busy recapping my POM Wonderful Dinner Party from this weekend!  If you'd like to take a look at my other POM-Related posts, please click on the links below!

Recap # 1: Preparations and Decorations
Recap # 2: Drinks and Appetizers
Recap #3: The Main Course

There is still more to come, such as...
  • a very easy yet delicious dessert made by Ryan
  • what we did with the leftovers!
But I wanted to take a moment to share some information with you.  The first time I bought a pomegranate, I didn't know HOW to eat it!  I cut it in half and then went, "Now what???"  I couldn't figure how to get into it to get all those little seeds (which are actually called arils) out!  Plus, I had always been told that you had to spit the seeds out.  So get a mental picture of this... I am standing over the sink, spitting these seeds out and my hands and shirt are completely stained with pomegranate juice.  I thought, "This is for the birds!"

So after that, I started looking into this.  Turns out, YES!  You can totally eat the arils/seeds!  They are good for you and can really aid in digestion!  As you've seen, they are great in salsa, as a garnish, on top of cereal, on yogurt... LOTS of possibilities for these little guys. 

But in order to eat them or use them, you've got to be able to get INTO them!  So I did a little cutting demo at my dinner party and now I am going to share the video with all of you here, so that you'll all know how to open a pomegranate, too!


Now, POM Wonderful gave me gift bags for all of my dinner party guests.  I happen to have ONE left!!!  The gift bag is awesme.  It has 2 Pomegranates in it, a Wonderful Inside bracelet, a brochure with "How to Open a Pomegranate" in it, a set of recipes for using pomegranates, AND... a coupon for a FREE bottle of POM 100% Pomegranate Juice!

To be eligible for this drawing, you must leave a comment on this page related to pomegranates.  If you've never seen one, be honest!  If you have a favorite way you like to eat them, tell me that, too!

I'll draw on Friday afternoon!  So get your comments in before then!


  1. Well, I never knew that you could eat the seeds of a pomegranate until you shared that information. Pomegranates were always an autumn favorite of mine when I was a child. I would make a mess eating them and would spit out the seeds--because I did not know that they could be eaten. I'm sure my hands and clothes were covered in red juice, but they were fun! Leenie

  2. I have never eaten a Pomegranate or even tasted the juice. I would sure like to win so I could try them :) Your meal looks fantastic and Zumba was the bomb!

  3. okay, your apron cracks me up.
    neat video. the first time i remember seeing a pomegranate in person was at a restaurant, so i guess i had a jump start, knowing what to eat - because it was right in front of me, on my plate!

  4. i just realized that my comment doesn't make complete sense, being that a restaurant might put cherries with pits or shrimp with tails or olives with pits on a plate and you wouldn't necessarily eat the pits or tails. but i guess what i meant was that because i was at a restaurant, not just eating one by myself the first time, i had a sort of tutorial to go along with the experience.

    okay. that might not make any more sense, but i feel better. ;-)

  5. want it want it want it. i'll be honest, i've never de-seeded or de-fruited (sounds dirty, huh?) a pomegranate myself. but i have eaten one, or them (singular "pomegranate," plural "seeds"). congratulations on a successful dinner party!

  6. I love reading all your POM party recaps! I have never tried a pomegranite....the closest I've had is Wendy's new Pomegranite Vinaigrette dressing. LOL (It's good!) My kids love to try new fruit...maybe pomegranite will be next! :D

  7. I remember a teacher bringing pomegranates to elementary school one year. We were fascinated with eating the seeds. Who had ever seen a fruit where you ate the seeds instead of the flesh? It was very exotic, and who the heck knows how someone came to have pomegranates in Spartanburg County in the early 80s.
    I do love the party idea, and your apron!


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