Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Salmon, Jasmine Rice, and Butter Peas

If you are wondering why I didn't post yesterday... it's because I left my camera in Columbia!  ARG!!!  Luckily, I have a backup here at home.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big issue, but I REALLY need my camera this week.  I think I have it worked out where I can get it by Friday afternoon. 

I just got home from teaching Zumba!  Our numbers keep climbing!  That must be a good sign!  I broke out 2 new songs tonight, one of which I want to recommend to all of you.  This is a great track that you need on your iPod or mp3 player.  It's sure to put you in a great mood!

Do you recognize it from the Corona commercial? :)  Love this song.

When I got home, I got busy making one of my favorite easy and healthy dinners: Salmon, Jasmine Rice, and Butter Peas.

I want to tell you about the Jasmine Rice because it's so easy but so tasty.  Bring 1 1/2 cups of water to a boil.  Add one tsp. of Better than Buillon (I used Chicken Flavor) and a handful of parsely.  Then add 1 cup of Jasmine Rice and lower the heat.  Cover and simmer about 15-20 minutes.  This rice is delicious and goes really well with seafood and Asian dishes.

The salmon was very simple: seasoned with salt and pepper, and some Tone's Salmon and Seafood Seasoning.  That's it!  (Oh, and did I mention that I got this salmon for a great price?  I paid $4 for 4 fillets!)

And the butter peas... they were frozen and steamed.  Sometimes those little packs are just so handy.

Ok... have to run... baby to wash and house to clean!


  1. I loved that video! I just wanted to get up and dance! I love that "better than boullion" stuff. It's great for when I'm in a pinch. Looks fab, dahhling!

  2. Is that wild caught salmon?

    Looks great!


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