Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Pretty Nice Little Saturday…

We started Saturday with a special family trip to one of our favorite Greenville breakfast spots… Stax’s Restaurant!  If you live near Greenville and haven’t been… you need to try it!

Of course, we started with coffee…


I decided on a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich with home fries.

 102_5514 102_5515  102_5518

Then we all decided that since the weather was absolutely beautiful, we would head out to Furman University.  Furman has a beautiful campus.  Lots of people go out to enjoy their path around the lake. 

Sadie couldn’t wait to get there and feed the ducks!

102_5520 102_5525 102_5534 102_5537 102_5539

Then she and Poppy tried to climb up the clock tower, but it was roped off.  They couldn’t get to the “landing.”

  102_5546 102_5550

We had some fun performing at this cool amphitheater.  Here are Leenie and Poppy waving to the crowd!


The weather was beautiful, and there were some amazing plants and flowers.  Aren’t these berries cool?  I think these photos turned out amazing.  I kind of want to have them framed!

 102_5565 102_5570  102_5572102_5594102_5571

It was fun to enjoy the cool fall weather and the gorgeous sunny day.

 102_5573 102_5574 102_5580

And we even were able to climb some trees and practice our tightrope-walking skills!

102_5587 102_5589 102_5590

What an amazing day. 

Then later that night, we got ready for the Clemson vs. USC game.  For those of you who aren’t in South Carolina, this is a HUGE football game.  These two schools have been rivals for many years.  There is always a lot of trash talk leading up to this game. 

Meredith, David, Adrienne, Paul, Ryan, and I headed downtown to Wild Wing to watch the game. 

100_1375 100_1373 100_1374

And even though we had been eating all weekend, we snacked on some “bar food” while we watched…


mozzarella sticks…


and wings of course!

And… the Gamecocks won… which made everyone happy…well…except for David.  He went to Clemson, so he wasn’t so happy…

Now, we’re finally home… and it’s nice to be home, but we’re missing everyone.  However, something exciting happened!  Santa left a special present under our tree while we were gone!  Can anyone guess what he left us?????


  1. Did he leave one of his little elf friends?

  2. It was a fun weekend for sure! Can't wait for Christmas! Love the pictures you took at Furman, especially of the Mallard duck, the berries and flowers...they are great!

  3. I miss everyone too! I'm excited to hear how the surprise went. All of my kids have been talking about their elves at home! What a fun little tradition. Awesome pictures Liz!


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