Monday, November 15, 2010

POM Dinner Party Recap #5: What We Did With Our Leftovers!

Well... sadly, I have just about come to the end of my recaps on my POM Wonderful Dinner Party... if you are joining me here at the end and would like to catch up on the previous posts and recaps. please click on the links below!

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Now, you might think that this story ends with dessert... but you are wrong!  What do you always have after a dinner party?  Leftovers, of course!  We ended up with a LOT of leftovers, because we ended up 3 short at our dinner party! :(  It was ok... the rest of us enjoyed the extras and it made it possible for us to all squeeze in at one table.  Here we are enjoying some of the specialty POM drinks...

By the way... Lucas is holding the cheesecake in his hand... I just didn't get it in the picture!
Now, I knew that Ryan and I would get tired of eating leftovers, so we called in reinforcements: family!  We had Ryan's parents, as well as his sister and her two boys join us for Sunday lunch. 

Hello, Pom Party # 2!  Yes, we had TWO Pom Parties!!!  We just reheated everything and did it all over again! 

While I reheated everything, Ryan entertained the kiddos in the back yard.

Then it was time to eat!

What a fun weekend!

I am so grateful to POM Wonderful for such a generous shipment of gift bags for the guests, the two cases of beautiful, juicy pomegranates, and all of the fun goodies!  I am HOOKED on pomegranates now, and this opportunity gave me a chance to cook new dishes with an ingredient I was not that familiar with.  NOW, I will definitely buy lots of poms to use each fall and winter!  (I LOVE that you can freeze the arils to use later!)

Thanks to all of you for reading and for taking this journey with me (either via blog or actually at the dinner table)!

Don't forget... you can still enter the giveaway by clicking here.  Then you can take your own POM journey!

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  1. Liz, I'm so impressed with all your posts and for the recaps! What a great meal you planned and made and the cocktails, too! You did a lot of work and I wish I could've been there to enjoy the food as well, but maybe next time??? Loved reading it all and way to go!! (Same to Ryan, too, for his help.)


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