Sunday, October 31, 2010


What a busy day we had today!  We started with a quick trip to Columbia to celebrate Meredith's 29th birthday.  Her birthday's really on Tuesday, but we decided to celebrate today when we could all get together. 

This is the BEST veggie dip.  Mix Sour Cream, a Ranch Dressing Packet, and bacon pieces.  Always a hit!

This fruit dip was an experiment: I mixed light cream cheese, marshmallow creme, and pineapple Greek yogurt.  Delish!
We had lots of delicious snacks and Dad made some fabulous homemade chicken salad. 

This cake was delicious.  It was called "Coconut Cream Cheese Fantasy Cake."  I believe it was accurately described. 

We enjoyed getting to be together, even if it was just for a short time.

We got home and had a few minutes to rest, and then it was time to begin the Halloween festivities!

We tried to take a family photo first, which was hard.  Either the dog was moving or Sadie wasn't looking or Ryan or I look silly...

Then our little witch posed for photos.

We headed over to Ryan's parents to see Sadie's cousins and friends.  We had dinner together and then all headed out for some Halloween fun!

We stopped by to see our friends Kati and Lucas-- and Sadie got a fun treat: bubbles!

Then it was on to our neighborhood for trick-or-treating!  This is the first year Sadie has really gone.  She loved it!  After every house, she said, "I want to trick-or-treat some more!"  She had a blast and when we got home she couldn't wait to try one of her treats.  She barely had time to finish before she was crying to go to bed.  Poor child was exhausted.  We skipped the bath and tucked her in. 

It was kind of sad trick-or-treating... not many houses had their lights on.  It was about every 8th house or so.  We were glad we took our wagon.  We wondered if it has something to do with Halloween being on a Sunday?  Or are people just participating less?  What do you think?

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