Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Little Road Trip and a Baby Shower

Yesterday I got to go to the Cris Tovani Workshop in Columba with 4 of my favorite colleagues!  For those of you who aren't teachers, this won't make any sense, but for those of you who are... we spent the day talking about how to get kids to hear their "inner voice." 

Some of the food highlights...

I made cinnamon sugar muffins for the trip...

of course there was coffee... The Columbia Conference Center was like ICE all day long!  I drank a ton of coffee just trying to stay warm!

Lunch was yummy... an assortment of sandwiches and salads.  I chose a turkey and cheese sandwich and a chicken salad sandwich on this swirled rye bread.  You know, I never liked rye bread, but I am starting to like it.  It's so pretty, you just have to like it, right? I loved how the fruit included blackberries and the pasta salad had olives!  Two of my favorites!

We headed home so I could get to my next activity... Kate's baby shower!  Remember Kate?  She's the one who made the Hard Rock Chicken Noodle Soup that was so delicious.  She has one month until baby Ryan will be here!  All of our friends helped to shower her with necessities for baby Ryan.  It reminded me of when I was pregnant and had just a couple of weeks to go... so exciting!

Of course, there were delicious snacks.  My friend Angie made these beautiful cupcakes.  She's a fantastic cupcake maker!  And Elizabeth made this amazing trifle with pineapple. 

What a fun day learning and eating and celebrating! 

Right now,  I'm trying to stay awake with good coffee brewing and steel-cut oats cooking on the stove.  A certain little girl came and crawled into bed with us at 6:30 this morning.  And she doesn't know how to lay still.  It's my morning for "morning duty."  We're enjoying some Blue's Clues while we wait for the oats to be ready...


  1. Would love to hear the ideas your group came up with to get students to listen to their "inner voice".....Know you had a good time...I think it is wonderful that your school will allow several teachers to attend together....There is nothing more powerful than hearing an awesome speaker first hand and then having time to process it all together. I'll be ever so thankful when the economy makes a turn for the better!!

  2. We came up with a TON of ideas. We really are in the middle of a "no-travel" time, but we had some grant money that was specifically designated for travel. That's how we could make it happen. I agree! Being able to all hear the speaker together and talk about it together was wonderful! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Forgot to say-- send me your email and I'll email you my notes if you want!


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