Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green Vegas!

So... guess where we are...

GREEN Vegas! Yesterday morning, Sadie and I got up and headed out around ten a.m.  We stopped in Gaffney and did a little shopping.  One store we had to hit was the Harry and David store, which is one of the most fun places to go at the Gaffney Outlet mall.  They have all sorts of yummy goodies.  I picked up some soup mixes and some black bean salsa, which makes a great dip when mixed with cream cheese.

Then we got here just in time to have lunch with Meredith and David, who are also in town for a wedding. 

We went to Smoke on the Water, which is in the West End.  It was a beautiful day so we opted to sit on the porch.  The weather was perfect!!! 

We started with cornbread...

And then had a wedge salad.  This wedge looked different than a wedge usually looks-- kind of spread out on the plate.  But it still tasted good.

Do you see those little fingers dipping into my bleu cheese dressing?  I didn't think Sadie would like that type of dressing, but she did!  She loved dipping the lettuce in and eating it! :)

Meredith, David, and I all had pulled pork.  They have 4 different sauces you can use.  I chose the vinegar-based sauce, which is a little spicy.  I LOVE vinegar-based barbecue.  Most people prefer the ketchup-based or mustard-based in this area.  But there's something about the vinegar sauces... they are so light and tangy!

I had squash casserole, too, which was soooooo good.  I think you can see how cheesy and gooey it was... yummmmmm.... I am going to have to think about a way to make a low fat version.  I am fairly sure that THIS version was now low-fat. 

But I didn't worry too much, because I knew I would burn some calories at the Zumba Party later...

Just as we were about to leave, we had a surprise... Leenie!  She came to join us and then Leenie, Sadie, and I walked around a little, enjoying the weather.

Then, on to the Zumba Party!

It was held in an amazing location, Grace Hall, in downtoan Greer.  There was great music, food, and of course ZUMBA!  The event was held by MUVE fitness, the studio where my friend Beth teaches.  She and her fellow instructors put on a great event!

Oh, and guess what I found there... a JOY cupcake!  Inside this pretty little cupcake was a strawberry jelly surprise!

What a fun day!


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