Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Fun Trip to Carowinds, some Food Finds, and Roasted Zucchini!

This morning, someone climbed into our bed at 6:45 a.m.  Any guesses who that might have been???  Yes, it seems that on the weekdays when we HAVE to get up at an insane hour, she doesn't want to get out of bed.  But come Saturday, our little Sadie is quite the early bird!  A little coffee helped me to wake up!  I made some quickie muffins-- don't be impressed-- they were from a Betty Crocker pouch!  But they were actually pretty good!

We hit Carowinds as soon as they opened.  We took Sadie and her cousin, Jerry, who is the same age.  They were so excited! 

Sadie could not wait to show him all her favorite rides!  The two of them had a blast riding the Character Carousel, the choo choo train, the Sky Tower, Woodstock's Whirlybirds, Joe Cool's Driving School, and more. 

Check out the half-empty parking lot!

We rode every ride twice!  The parking lot was so empty!  We didn't have much line-waiting at all!  In fact, Ryan and I were able to run and hop on a couple of rides, ourselves.  Ryan and I both rode Afterburn (aka Top Gun) and I had to get on the Intimidator.  I am telling you... that ride is INSANE.  But so fun.  I REALLY wanted to go on Nighthawk-- still haven't gotten to do that one!  The line is always so long!  Maybe next time.

We had such a great time that Sadie passed out in the wagon before we could even make it back to the car.  She was in the middle of eating a cracker and just passed out.  Then on the ride home, Jerry passed out, too. 

I think Ryan may have wanted to go to sleep, too!

Don't freak out... he was just posing for the camera!

Ryan and I had a little lunch and then I had to run some errands to ULTA (aka Mecca) and to the Farmer's Market.  Look what I found... Salsa! 

Salsa is one of my favorite things.  It doesn't last long in this house, either.  I couldn't wait to try this salsa.  It was delicious!  So fresh tasting.  Check out that ingredient list!  You can pronounce every item!  I also grabbed a pomegranite. 

That's the first time I have had one since I was around the age of 5!  I also got a mango, but it needs to ripen before we can enjoy that. 

I also grabbed some zucchini today.  I intended on steaming it, but then I decided maybe I would try roasting it. 

Everything always tastes better roasted.  And I have to say... YUM.  I will do this again.  Click here for the recipe for this zucchini.  It's a great side dish.  We had it with some grilled salmon and potatoes. 

After all the fun today, I am not sure how we can top that tomorrow.  Is it weird that I want to go back and ride more rides???


  1. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for posting.

  2. So cute! Looks like you all had a great time at CW! And that zucchini looks GOOD!


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