Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dinner, Katy Perry Style

The song, "California Gurls" by Katy Perry has been stuck in my head the past couple of days.  When Katy Perry released her first song, I thought she might be a one-hit-wonder, but she has hung in there, hasn't she?  I really like her songs.  Maybe I need to use that song for Zumba. 

After tonight's Zumba class at Oakland Baptist Church, I had to hit the grocery store.  Miss Priss has a Halloween Party at school tomorrow, which is sounding like it's going to be a major shindig!  I know she's going to have a good time.  I'll have to take a picture of her all dressed up as a princess tomorrow.  (She's going to be a witch for Halloween, but I don't want her costume to get ruined at school tomorrow, so she's going to get to wear a princess dress.  She'll think she's died and gone to Heaven.)  So anyway, I hit the store to pick up a few things I am supposed to send to her school tomorrow.  Now, me going to the store AFTER Zumba and BEFORE dinner has the potential to be dangerous.  Sometimes I find myself wandering the aisles, picking up things I normally wouldn't even look at, just because I am hungry.  Tonight, as I passed by the sushi counter at the deli, I just couldn't pass it by.  It looked so good!  And look!  Brown rice!

I also grabbed a POM Wonderful Pomegranate.  Since I am going to be cooking with pomegranates for my dinner in a few weeks,  I figured I should start practicing cutting them.  Last time I did this, it looked like a massacre had taken place in my kitchen.  But then I watched the POM Wonderful video on how to cut open a pomegranate and that helped.  I still need practice,  but tonight the mess stayed (mostly) on the cutting mat.  If you've ever been completely befuddled by this fruit, please take a look at this video or this guide.  It will help a lot! 

So that's my Katy-Perry-Style dinner: California Rolls and Pomegranates from California.  Sounds like an odd combination, doesn't it?  Yumm...  (No, I am not pregnant.)

Now, here's the question I want to ask all of you... do you eat the pomegranate seeds inside the arils?  (FYI, the arils are the little juicy red things inside the fruit.)  I never did, but lately, everything I have read says to eat the seeds.   They are supposed to be really good for you.  So tonight, I am (GASP!) eating the seeds inside the arils.  Do you??  Leave a comment and let's see what the consensus is.

Happy Friday Eve!


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