Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Money-Saving Tip

A few days ago I was reading a blog called Inexpensive Eating by Scott Duncan.  He was wrote a post called "Curse of the Black Thumb: Rosemary Focaccia Bread."  This made me laugh because I also have sort-of a black thumb when it comes to herbs.  I'd really like to grow my own herbs.  I have even tried.  I have tried parsley, rosemary, basil, and others-- and nothing really lasts.  This summer I planted basil in the kitchen.  I thought, surely I can do this.  I watered it.  I checked the soil to make sure I wasn't overwatering.  I put it in the window to get sunlight.  I sang to it and gave it motivational speeches.  A week later, it went into the garbage, looking like I had fed it battery acid.  So I've been sticking with dried herbs since then. 

So the other day, I had to buy a bunch of green onions for a recipe.  As I was standing in the produce section, I remembered this money-saving tip from last year's "The Next Food Network Star."  Melissa, who ended up winning, gave this tip.  She said that when you buy green onions, you can stick them in a glass with water and they will just root and keep on growing.  At the time, I thought, "I should try that."  But then I forgot and never did it.  So a year later, as I was standing in the grocery store, I thought, "I should REALLY try that." 

I came home, made my recipe, and put the onions back in the fridge.  Forgot all about rooting them in a jar.  Three days later, I remembered.  I remember thinking, "Surely this won't work NOW, after they've been in the fridge... but heck, let's try it."  And I stuck them in one of these tall beer glasses that has never been used for beer because Ryan doesn't like it. 

After a day, it started looking pretty dried out.  After 3 days, it looked dead.  I thought, "I should throw that away."  But then I got busy doing something else and forgot about it.  A day or two later, suddenly, new bright green shoots were growing from this plant.  And the next day, more green, and then more.  Here is the plant today:

How crazy is that?  So maybe I can grow something after all!  And now I have green onions anytime I need them!

It just goes to show you that we have to keep trying.  A lot of times we try something once, fail miserably, and don't ever try again.  I've done that many times.  But sometimes if we just try one more time, we can surprise ourselves.

Who knew all that inspiration could come from onions?


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