Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new healthy snack!

Today's biggest successes were:
1.  cleaning out two closets
2.  finding a new healthy snack (This one is a biggie-- snacking is one of my "issues!")

We started off the day with a wonderful breakfast with Meredith, David, Adrienne, and Paul.  Adrienne made some very fluffy herbed scrambled eggs and Meredith made bacon (her first time cooking on her grill pan!) and honey bran muffins.  Sadly, I did not contribute much... just leftover fruit.  Of course, we enjoyed lots of coffee, too!

Adrienne's eggs... before...

and after...

Then Ryan and I packed up and headed home to try and get some cleaning and organizing done around the house.  More on that later...

Thanks to my friend Diana and her amazing blog, I have a new healthy snack!  Today I made Balsamic Roasted Chick Peas.  Here's a photo so you can see how mine turned out.  And I will link to Diana's post with the recipe on her blog, The Chic Life.  They are so good!

Then I made a batch of vegetable soup which basically involved throwing in every half-used bag of veggies in the freezer, plus some carrots and cabbage, which I already had on hand.  The chick peas and a little cup of soup made a nice appetizer!

Ryan cooked turkey tenderloins on the grill tonight.  These were on sale for $4 a pair this week!  We made extra so we could have some on hand for snacking, sandwiches, etc.  It turned out amazingly tender and juicy!  Go HUSBAND!  He did such a good job that I told him I would put a picture on the blog.  I think this was his best grilling yet!  (This summer, Ryan has been learning how to cook all different types of meats and veggies on the grill.)

We cleaned out two closets today-- yay for us!  We're hoping to continue the cleaning process tomorrow.  I found things I haven't seen in years.  One of my best finds was my college ID card, my Scandal's nightclub membership card (shameful), and about 10 purses that I no longer use.  In the purses, I think I found over 20 lipglosses.  That signifies a problem,  think...


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