Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gifts In My Inbox

It is 9 p.m. and I am just now getting home.  Awfully late, but it was a fun day.  Zumba, dinner with the girls, FREE food at Earth Fare...

When I got to work, I realized I forgot my knee brace for Zumba... oops.  With all the knee trouble I have had lately, I thought I might be headed for disaster.  But after taking a week off, I thoght maybe it would be ok. 

After work I taught my Zumba class at school.  Then when it was done, I thought, the knee is feeling ok... maybeI will hit Zumba with Katie at the Y.  Definitely worth it!  Hopefully I am not speaking too soon, but I can till walk and my knee seems normal-sized...

Zipped over to Weight Watchers, thinking, I might be heading for disaster.  (Are you seeing a pattern here?)  I have not tracked my food and points all week.  I have tried not to eat like a maniac, but I have definitely been a little slack.  Plus-- I didn't work out all week.  BUT... I stepped on the scale... and LOST .4 pounds!  Now, .4 sounds like nothing, but if you have ever been on a weight-loss journey, then you know that ANY loss counts as a LOSS!

I celebrated by meeting my friends Angie and Mandy at Moe's.  I made healthy choices, except for the chips.  I just can't turn down the chips and salsa.  I have been known to sneak in a bag of Baked! Tostitos, but this time I was unprepared.  My "Close Talker in a Bowl" was fantastic.  Lettuce, grilled chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, black olives, cucumbers, pickled jalapenos, and cilantro.  You don't even need dressing!

Moe's Close Talker in a Bowl
Today I got a nice little surprise in my email inbox: 2 new Earth Fare coupons!  So I had to make one more stop before heading home.  I love going to Earth Fare.  Every time I go I find something new and fun!  Tonight I only spent $10, but I walked out with:

1.  Fresh low fat cheese ravioli
2.  Baked Cheese Curls (like Cheetos but healthier)
3.  Buffalo chicken rollers (chicken breasts flattened and rolled up with lots of goodies inside)
4.  Spinach and feta chicken rollers
5.  Bananas

Healthy Cheetos

Buffalo Chicken Rollers and Spinach Feta Rollers
I would say that's pretty good-- 2-3 dinners for this weekend already prepared?  A crunchy, cheesy snack?  Bananas?  For under $10?  Um, let me think... Yes please!  I will let you know how the rollers taste later this weekend!

I also read that they have new (FREE) cooking classes starting again soon.  I heart you, Earth Fare!

I am going to say to everyone reading (all 5 of you): if you have not gone to the Earth Fare website and signed up for their email list, do it RIGHT NOW.  They send out 2-3 awesome coupons a week and everything is always delicious!

So... tomorrow is Friday...  yippee!!!  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I went straight to the Earth Fare site signed up! Thanks Liz. As for the .4 loss - way to go!! Never ever say I "just lost" or "it was only" because it takes away from the success of that weight loss. If you look at food comparisons to that weight loss, which I like to do to help keep me real, .4 was almost 2 sticks of butter. I know you don't want that on your hips :) Have a great day!

  2. I signed up a long time ago for their coupons and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've never used them. They always sound so delicious and I keep them in my inbox but by the time I remember again they've expired! You've now inspired me to use them b/c those pics look scrumptious!


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